The Spectrum Mum Academy

Mindset Shift for mums  with Kids On the Spectrum 

You’re a mother who’s ready to overcome her challenges and allow God to change the way she thinks about her child’s diagnosis.
A mindset shift doesn’t have to mean living in denial and blocking out reality.

That’s why I created a faith-based 6-module course that provides insight on how to transform your mind. Introducing...

The Spectrum Mum Academy

The Spectrum Mum Academy is a transformational program for determined mamas who want to learn how to position themselves for change and walk into their God-given purpose.

 Moms – it’s time to stop struggling to cope with your child’s ASD diagnosis. You want to overcome your challenges, but your efforts to date have proven fruitless. I know because I was you for so long.

Maybe you’ve Googled tons of information, but despite your research, you still have more questions than answers. Giving up seems like a logical choice, but you’re committed to being the parent your child needs, reclaim your life, and trust God with His plan.

Admittedly, you’ve already tried…

  • Crying yourself to sleep night after night
  • Succumbing to depression
  • Living in sadness
  • Questioning God
  • Questioning what you could’ve done differently during your pregnancy
  • Grieving a life that you always wanted with a “normal” child

You’re ready for a new way of life.

This program is different from anything out there because I’m not just talking about what I think; I’m talking about what I know. I was just like you, living a life full of regret and unrest because I had an autistic child.

That’s why we focus on the following areas and goals in the course:

  1. Activating your faith
  2. Changing how you think to change the way you handle adversity
  3. Finding your purpose through your challenges

The Spectrum Mum Academy is NOT for moms who:

  • Have solid faith and haven’t been challenged due to her child’s diagnosis
  • Have a perfect relationship with God
  • Feel like God did not cheat her with a challenging blessing
  • Have complete confidence in her calling and her child
  • Have won the battle in her mind due to her child’s diagnosis
  • Have the “perfect” child

The Spectrum Mum Academy is for moms who:

  • Struggle to keep the faith
  • Have an imperfect relationship with God
  • Feel cheated by God
  • Have questioned her calling and her confidence
  • Battle the struggles of her mind
  • Have a child with challenges
The format of The Spectrum Mum Academy is what makes it truly unique because it helps you achieve the peace and satisfaction that seems so far from your reach as a mom and a woman of God. 

Easy-to-follow, Faith-based Content

You’ll have access to 6 powerful modules to walk you through your transformation step-by-step. You’ll have convenient online access to the content that you can replay time and time again.

Personal, Inspiring Insight

You will never feel alone in your journey. Each module will provide the solace you need to conquer your fears and find peace with your autistic child.

I’m 100% committed to helping you embrace God’s will for your life. You may convince yourself that you can walk this walk alone and you don’t need this course. I can say with certainty that I’m where I am today as a mom of a child on the spectrum because I stopped lying to myself. I needed support. I needed community. 

If you’re ready to stop pretending to have it all together and open your heart and mind to a new way with the help of this course, there’s no reason to delay any longer, is there?

Look, I know all about doubt.

Like many mothers who want the best for their children, I wanted each of them to be perfect. I remember being pregnant and envisioning the child I wanted – brilliant, athletic, and of course, healthy. Ultimately, I wanted all my children to have what I didn’t have and become who I thought I didn’t become. 

But God has a way of humbling us.

When I walked into the doctor’s office, I never expected to be told that my child – a beautiful child – was on the spectrum. After all, this was the child I had prayed so hard for a few years before. Had God betrayed me, and did He fall short on His promises? 

It certainly felt that way.

My seemingly perfect world suddenly turned upside down in a matter of minutes, and the sadness and depression immediately set up residence in my spirit. How could a loving God give me a blessing with so many challenges? Doesn’t the Bible say in Proverbs 10:22, ‘’The blessing of the Lord makes one rich, and He adds no sorrow with it’’? 

I didn’t feel rich, and I most definitely had a magnitude of sorrow. I was devastated and broken.

I’m sure you can relate. 

If you’ve landed here, it’s because you, too, may be struggling with the same questions and feelings. You’re not here by accident. I birthed The Spectrum Mum Academy from my journey with God, including the major plot twist of raising a child diagnosed with autism. 

But at the core, this program is about resilience; it’s about reclaiming your life and trusting God with His plan despite the heartache, hardship, and unexpected circumstances. Believe me, it all leads to your purpose IF you’re willing to follow God. 

In this program, I’m giving you a front-row seat to my journey with autism. I will share how I hit rock bottom and bounced back from despair with a mind transformed by the Word of God. How I went from being a selfish, privileged mom to a purposed and intentional mama – a woman restored.

The same is possible for you. 

I will walk with you and teach you how to think right and embrace the treasures that you’re carrying. It doesn’t matter if you’re depressed, questioning God’s purpose, or drowning in negative thinking; this course will challenge you to see things God’s way. You will awaken a powerful mindset shift so you can overcome anything that life throws your way. Seasons of transition are solely meant to birth the real you, so let’s take the first steps.

As a mom and mindset strategist, I’ve had the opportunity to speak with other moms battling the same autism struggles.

But, with my guidance, they were able to get to their breakthrough.

Here’s what some moms are saying:

Most Christians will not agree that autism is a blessing, and that’s OK. In fact, my African community views autism as sickness and even a curse. Because of the stigma attached to an autistic child, many mothers suffer in silence. I know this all too well. There are so many women angry at God (just not admitting it) for unanswered prayers and couples who have split due to the immense pressure of raising a child with so many different-abilities (not disabilities). The truth is, God is sovereign. He can remove the autistic behavior, but He can also transform us for bigger things. 

So, let's start your transformation, shall we?

Your enrollment in Faith it out: A Mindset Shift for Mums with Kids on the Spectrum includes the following:

Let's change your Mind . . . together,

shall we?

Here is what the program will cover

MODULE 1 – The Truth!

In this module, we’ll walk through your grief together and work on: 

  • Why it hurts
  • The truth about your Child
  • The Truth about You 
  • The Truth about Autism
  • The Truth about God

MODULE 2 – Faith It Out

Hebrews 11:1 says, Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” During this module, we’ll dive into:

  • Facing the diagnosis with faith
  • Tapping into your faith – do you have it?
  • Learning to use your faith with the diagnosis
  • Strengthening your faith by facing the battle you’re in

MODULE 3 – The God Kinda Thinking

The Bible says in Proverbs 23:7, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” In this module, we’ll assess:

  • The current state of your mind
  • What and who has shaped the way you’re thinking right now
  • Practical ways to start thinking like God

MODULE 4 – The God Kinda Speaking

Knowing how and what to speak will bring not only life to yourself but also your entire family. In this module, we’ll:

  • Start journaling the words that you speak when you’re happy, angry, and sad
  • Learn about the power of words as stated in Proverbs 18:21: “The tongue has the power of life and death.”
  • Get your words aligned to the word of God

MODULE 5 – Called For Such A Time As This

What if God orchestrated your child’s autism diagnosis to bring you out of the darkness and give you a platform to help others? Behind every challenge, a mission/purpose is born. In this module, we’ll discover yours.

MODULE 6 (BONUS) –  Pray With Me

Let’s partner up with heaven in prayer! In this final module, we’ll come together and call on the name of God. The Bible says in Matthew 18:20: “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”

To be honest, this 6-module course is for all the “Esthers” of this generation – the ones who have been strategically positioned for bigger and bolder things for God’s Kingdom but need a little push to get there. If this is you (and I know it’s you), let’s not waste any more time.

If you’re ready to get to work, your mindset shift starts now for only 997$!

I can’t wait to see you transformed into what God called you to be.

With Love, Your Faith-based Mindset Mentor

Louisette Mbanga