Hey I am Louisette and I teach Faith-driven moms to navigate their child’s ASD-ADHD diagnosis with Calm, Confidence & Clarity.

Begin Your Mindset Shift Now!

Who is The Spectrum Mum for?

You’re a mother who’s ready to overcome her challenges and allow God to change the way she thinks about her child’s diagnosis.


Maybe you’ve Googled tons of information, but despite your research, you still have more questions than answers. Giving up seems like a logical choice, but you’re committed to being the parent your child needs, reclaim your life, and trust God with His plan.

Admittedly, you’ve already tried…

  • Crying yourself to sleep night after night
  • Succumbing to depression
  • Living in sadness
  • Questioning God
  • Questioning what you could’ve done differently during your pregnancy
  • Grieving a life that you always wanted with a “normal” child



Mum, it’s time to experience motherhood in the way that God designed it.

Begin Your Mindset Shift Now

Ready to build a mindset that can overcome anything?

You’ll see that an ASD OR ADHD diagnosis is not a death sentence. On the contrary, it is an invitation to intentional motherhood and a more impactful life.

You’re not here by happenstance. I genuinely believe you landed here because God destined it for you at this specific time in your life. He heard your cries, and He provided a ram in a bush – a lifeline – to help you overcome your struggles.


It’s comforting to know you’re not alone. There are millions of moms just like us seeking information, community, and empowerment. Your change begins in your mind.


The Spectrum Mum Academy will equip you with the resources and the know-how to create a mindset that isn’t susceptible to life’s ups and downs – a mindset that will push you into your purpose.