Hey mama, I am Louisette

your mindset guide

I am a happy working christian, wife and proud mom to 5 amazing children, one diagnosed with autism. I love shoes, especially the ones with the red soles and of course reading books when it rains. I was born in a small town called Kananga in Congo DRC and at the age of 8 both my parents. I left Congo when I was 8 and moved to Paris for a few years, and finally settled in Canada to be more precise TORONTO. Growing up an orphan was extremely hard as you can imagine but I learned from a very young age that you can get through anything if you believe in yourself.

In 2018 I started a podcast named KAYÏ from the original word SANKAYÎ. Sankayï means to rejoice or to celebrate in Tshiluba, my native language. Rejoicing is sometimes difficult when facing life trials or in some cases  a difficult diagnosis. 5 years ago, my child was diagnosed with autism and the World as Louisette knew it changed forever AGAIN (Notice the sarcasm here). I realised that if I wanted to be strong for my child and my family, I had to change my Mindset. I believe that you can overcome any situation if you teach your Mind to see things the Right Way.

Actions won’t change unless you change your set of beliefs.

So, I decided to work on changing me, seeking God more and renewing my mind with God’s Word. Today, I am dedicated to helping mothers blossom despite the challenges they face with their children’s diagnosis. When a child is diagnosed  many mothers struggle with finding themselves, they struggle with their relationships with God, their relationships with their partners and their relationships with their friends. My intent is to teach you – to teach your Mind that you can overcome anything. You can create the life you want and pave the way for other mothers like you. Here is what I have to say to you, you may not have imagined being a mom to an extraordinary child but who knows if God intended you to come to this exceptional position for such a time as this. Let’s get your Mind ready !