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Helping faith-driven moms to find God's glory in their kid's ASD & ADHD journey.

I know you feel alone while navigating the intricate spaces of your child’s ASD diagnosis. Even the friends and family close to you only provide so much comfort because they can’t fully grasp the magnitude of your struggles. Every day presents a new challenge, yet you muster up the strength to push on. 

I was in your shoes.

Because of my experience with a child on the spectrum, I can share my journey and help other moms overcome the disorder’s strongholds.

Hello, Bonjour !

I am Louisette Mbanga.

 – Founder, Speaker, Author, Mindset Strategist, & Mentor.

I’m a mom to five beautiful children (one on the spectrum), a self-educated junkie of all things autism, a Christian Louboutin fanatic, and a wife living her best life in Ottawa, Canada, with a hot husband by my side.

I’m difficult to define, just like most people on the spectrum, but that’s OK. The Bible says that God made us all “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139:14) despite our intricacies. 

My Purpose Helps You Find Your Purpose

As a Mindset Strategist, I help you change the state of your mind. Ultimately, I teach other mamas like you how to think right, face your child’s diagnosis, and walk into your purpose. I’m a witness that a mindset renewed and transformed with the word of God has no limit.

I want to help you unlock the doors to your mind. It’s time to break out of the confining set of beliefs you’ve been entertaining. Your child’s diagnosis does not have to bury you, so let’s get to work so you can step into the abundant life God destined you to live. 

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